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Hello there! My name is Marina, and I have been a mom of two girls for over eight years now. As a mom, I understand the struggles and questions that come with motherhood, which is why I started a motherhood blog three years ago to help new moms-to-be. My daughters are my constant inspiration in life, and we love to create and share with others.

As a mom-to-mom resource, I take great care in researching and fact-checking every article to ensure the accuracy of the information I provide. I understand the exhaustion that comes with being a mom, which is why I also offer tips on how to help a tired mom.

Crafting and making gifts is a passion of ours, and I often share video tutorials to guide you through the process. With my blog, I hope to provide real mom real solutions, including useful crafts for kids and other helpful resources.

My Education & Passion

Content Writer

Certified Digital Marketing Expert

Certified Aromatherapyst

Mom With Experience

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  • Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and what I do. I’m an independent journalist who writes for a local portal called Nasa Kostrena, based in Croatia. My specialty is in the parenting section, where I share my knowledge and experiences with other parents. If you’re interested in reading more of my work, feel free to check out my articles in Croatian.
  • I’m excited to announce that as of March 2023, I am now a certified digital marketing specialist which I studied at Vern University! Blogging has played a significant role in my life, and obtaining this certification was a natural step toward furthering my passion in this field. I hope that one day, this will allow me to work from the comfort of my own home while being a full-time mom.
  • Another passion of mine is aromatherapy, which I have written about in one of my blogs. As a mom, I know how essential it is to have tools like essential oils at hand, especially when dealing with young children. If you’re interested in learning more, I recommend checking out my article.
  • And lastly, but certainly, not least, I have experience as a mom who manages everything without any additional help besides my partner. It’s a challenge that many parents can relate to, and I’m no exception. If you’re in a similar situation, you know just how tough it can be!

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